Appraisals can provide important information to owners, management, funding institutions, trustees, courts, insurance companies, bankers, receivers, business planners as well as corporate decision makers, when an appraisal is properly formatted, accurate and reliable. Valuation and analyses of an asset take into account the age, appearance, condition, market conditions, costs of installation and/or removal, as well as other factors and forces that may affect the asset value. Through our experience in appraisal along with our affiliation with industry organizations and societies as well as our in depth, thorough research practices, we provide accurate asset appraisals from which sound business decisions can be made.


Michael A. Salvadore Jr. MPPA, SPA
Licensed Professional Auctioneer, Nationally Accredited Equipment Appraiser
professionally affiliated with:
Kingfish Capital Affiliations NAA Auctioneer ASA MJSA Massachusetts Auctioneer Association National Ground Water Association

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